Nanny Magazine‘s readers are nannies who care for kids ranging in age from newborn through age 18. The magazine covers everything from a nanny’s relationship with their charges to their complex relationship with the parents. The magazine offers provoking features on hot topics such as gun control and obesity, advice for nannies who are experiencing ethical dilemmas on the job, and nanny’s personal life, including everything from the psychological issues of loving a child who is not your own to the confusing issues about tax laws and legally binding contracts. Nanny Magazine will regularly publish an Ask-a-Mom column, news blitzes, product reviews, craft ideas, and creative tips for educational fun.

Submissions are currently open for each of the categories listed below. Please review the complete submission guidelines for authors and photographers before submitting.

Open by invitation but will take pitch requests from mannies in the industry to This column is to give a career that’s been mainly female-based for so long a glimpse into the day-to-day issues and experiences (both good and bad!) that male nannies may face. Funny stories and anecdotes are welcome as well.

Please be advised that the Mr. Manny column has a 300  word count. 

For interviews with noteworthy nannies or celebrities, submit here.

Please provide name and contact information for personality/agent of personality. Please submit interview questions ahead of time to Nanny Magazine for approval.

Please be advised that interviews have a 300 word count.

Submit any poetry or short stories you may have the inspiration for here. Content is anything that is nourishing for the nanny's soul and should be focused on the NANNY, not the charges.

Word count:
Poetry: No limit
Short Stories: 1250 words

Showcases the pros and cons of a selected topic.

Please be advised that there is a 300 word count for this type of article. 

Preparing to search for a new job? Don't hit the job search engines without polishing up your resume. Nanny Magazine's editors will read and edit your resume. Payment must be received in the store HERE, and you MUST upload your receipt with this submission before it will be reviewed. Your resume will be edited and returned to you within 2 weeks (10 business days). Submissions not meeting requirements for upload may take additional time. 
If you have an article idea that you would like to be considered for publication on our website, please submit here and you will be contacted within a week to let you know if your submission has been accepted. 

Please be advised that web articles have a 600-800 word count.

Column authors are invited by the editors for our print issues. Please do not submit to this category unless invited. 

Please be advised that columns have a 300 word count.

Features include stories of strong interest to the nanny community, such as first-hand accounts, or an in-depth investigation of a particular subject, or a thoughtful essay exploring related experiences. For best practices writing a feature story, especially if you have no prior experience, please review this article for a how-to. Feature stories should be timely, relevant, interesting, engaging, and researched. Submit sources along with the article, if need be.

Please be advised there is a 750 word count for minor features and a 1250-1500 word count for major features.

Submit here if you are pitching an article for consideration in one of our future print issues, or if you were invited to write a feature piece for an upcoming issue.

We are always interested in healthy, kid-friendly recipes that nannies can make for their charges. Please include a fun intro paragraph about how this recipe will fit into the day of the nanny/charge, a recipe list using U.S. measurements (cups, pounds, etc.), and preparation instructions (U.S. measurements and cooking temperatures). Please include at least one high-resolution photograph. Please do not list brand names for ingredients. We are also on the lookout for well-researched articles pertaining to the health and nutrition of children and nannies.

Please be advised that there is a 150 word count for recipes and a 750 word count for nutrition-based articles.

Please submit here if you have been invited to write a piece for us or if you are submitting your work for consideration of publication in our print issues or on our website. 

Submit any crafts, projects, and game ideas here with at least one accompanying high-resolution landscape photograph. Nanny Magazine will consider using your submission on our website or in an upcoming print issue. 

Please be advised that activity-based articles have a word count of 750.

Review 3-6 products in a similar category, different brands. Contrast and compare. Include pictures (and links to photos if taken from the internet).

Please be advised that product reviews have 200 word count.

We are currently accepting independent submissions for print publication cover photos, web article photos, as well as other photos for use within our print publication. Submit up to 10 high-resolution JPEG files at once. Please note that we cannot compensate for submissions at this time. Please read our photography guidelines found HERE. If a child or adult is in the photo, you must fill out this model release form (CLICK HERE) and upload it with your submission. We look forward to reviewing your work!

Submit here any articles that focus on one aspect of a nanny’s professional development, such as classes, training, or other means of staying current and relevant within the profession.

Please be advised that there is a 750 word count for these type of articles.

Please submit a book title surrounding a particular subject, such as potty training, that you intend to review (if children’s books). If you wish to review professional development titles, detail how the book would be beneficial to a practicing nanny.

Please be advised that Book Reviews have a 300 word count. 

Should be researched. Sources should be provided. Should be timely and informative.

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